February 13, Looking Up!


When I started this project I had big plans.  I had ideas of how I expected my life to be over the month, ideas for pictures, and hopes of a bigger dive into my journey of submission.  But things changed, its not what I wanted at the time, and I definitely still have desires and dreams to pursue my journey.  My blog has been neglected beyond this photo project, I’m sorry about that, but things and life have really changed for me.  As I mentioned the last time I actually blogged, things didn’t work out the way I wanted to with the guy I met online whom I was submitting to.  This was a huge disappointment to me, we seemed to click well, our kinks worked well together and he was a genuinely good guy.

Despite this little set back, I’ve met someone recently in my real life who I’m really kind of digging.  I’m still getting to know him, but I have some pretty high hopes on this one.  While I’m not sure he is anything other than “vanilla”, I have shared my desires, thoughts, and kinks with him and he seems willing to explore with me.  This is new and exciting to me.  He was my first actual date since my divorce, which has been several years ago.  I’m not sure where this will go from here, but its nice to have someone take an interest in me.  While the blog may be a huge work in progress and not that active at times, just know my journey hasn’t ended.  Its just become real life, and therefore things may be moving a bit slower.

However, Things are definitely looking up for me.

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