February 15, Late Entry.


A day plagued with a migraine.  Didn’t get a picture posted in time, but here is a picture from earlier in the month I didn’t use.

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February 4, Cooperation.


I’ve only very recently started wearing lingerie.  I’ve had some tucked in the back of my closet for quite some time, but I just never have felt like it fit me right.  I felt silly in it.  Recently I’ve almost become obsessed with it.  I wear it for no reason other than it makes me feel sexy.  My biggest complaint is no where local sales lingerie that seem to fit large breasted women and when I order it online it never fits right.  So i seem to resort to tuck and pray they don’t fall out before I’m ready for them to.  (Maybe some of you with more experience in the lingerie area have suggestions?) With all that said, my favorite photo today almost became a blooper as a boob just wouldn’t quite do right.  I love my breast! They are fun, but dammit sometimes they just don’t cooperate.


Check out the rest of the participants challenging themselves to post an image every day in February!



I guess you could say I’m still learning the ropes of submission. This is all still very new to me, but I’m enjoying it tremendously. I’m eager to learn more, eager to become a better slave, and eager to serve my master.

Today, seeing as I had the day off work, and some pretty important days coming up toward the end of the week, I asked my Master to please give me task to do today. Some task that would provide me the distraction i need so much at this time. But most importantly, I wanted task that made me feel like the slut I am while I did them. Like his slut.

I knew he was busy so I waited patiently hoping he would have something for me to do. I wanted to feel his control, and I wanted to please him.

My master gave me 2 task. First, I was to take pictures while playing with myself in the kitchen. He wanted to see just how slutty I could be. The second task was to spend the remainder of the day bound. Wrist bound and ankles bound. Even a rope around my neck.

When I read the first task, I decided to have a little fun with it. Well more fun than I normally would have while playing with myself for him. I wanted to surprise him. I wanted to give him a little something extra, and I hoped he approved.

I found some lingerie and dressed up a bit, slipped on some thigh highs and a nightie and posed against the kitchen counters for him. I felt sexy, and I really hope he enjoys the pictures I took for him.


I laid back on the cabinet and touched myself. Already worked up from posing, I’m rubbed myself gently at first and worked up to sliding a few fingers inside myself, it felt so good. I wasn’t given permission to cum so I had to stop before I got to close.

After getting so close to an orgasm and having I stop, I couldn’t think of a better way to cool myself off than to slide down over the kitchen sink and spray myself off with cold water. The sensation of cold was intense against my hot wet pussy. It was a distraction from the orgasm, but it also felt good. I turned the water a bit warmer and let the warm water pulse against my clit, it felt amazing. All I could do is lay there and squirm and moan. But I still didn’t allow myself to cum. When I couldn’t take any more. I got up to send the pictures I had taken to him, hoping he approved.

After the pictures were uploaded and emailed I proceeded to tie myself. I struggle with knots, but I was able to at least keep them neat while tying.

I tied my ankles first, with just enough slack to hobble around the house if need be, as he instructed. Next I tied a rope around my throat. Don’t worry, I kept it plenty loose as not to restrict air intake or to worry about choking myself. And lastly I tied my wrist, which proved to be the most difficult.

So here I am, typing this for everyone to see. Letting everyone know what kind of slut I am. Hoping to please my Master.