Movie Night

I was given a task by my Sir to find 3 “movies” of different topics and report here why I picked them and what I liked about them. I was supposed to pick movies that pushed myself, things that may interest me but are out of my norm. I was to edge the entire time, but not allowed to cum. This, coupled with the fact some new toys I ordered came in today, was almost torture. I wanted to cum, and I wanted to use the new toys to cum. This was assigned to me last night to be completed before he awoke this morning.

Although this seems like a pretty simple assignment I found this very difficult. Maybe I’m picky, but the porn I found was really lacking. I had ideas in mind that I wanted to find and was unable to find anything that really fit the ideas I had in my head. I put about 5 hours into this. Considering this, I had very disappointing results.

I failed him on this task, the first time I’ve failed him. I’m sure it isn’t the last time, but I’m still disappointed in myself.

The first movie I picked was a mfm threesome. I picked this movie because I’d love to be trapped between 2 dicks. My holes being used for their pleasure. While the movie doesn’t exactly follow what my fantasy of this is, this is how I imagine it when I masturbate to this fantasy.

I love oral, I love a dick in my mouth, or pussy juices smeared across my face while my tongue is buried into some little bitches cunt. I’d love to have my Sir’s dick in my mouth, preferably starting soft/semi-soft so I can feel it harden in my mouth. Teasing it, licking it, sucking it. As I really get into it, where I’m moaning and squirming with his dick in my mouth and my ass in the air. Pussy and ass exposed. Someone comes behind me, sliding a finger or 2 first, and then a dick into my undoubtably wet pussy. I want to feel it slide in deep and slow, with them picking up speed until they are fucking me good and hard like the whore I am. I want them to fuck me hard enough that my Sir has to take control of my blow job, wrapping his hands in my hair and fucking my face. Using my mouth for his pleasure. I want to gag and drool.
Between 2 guys, both using me like the slut I am.

This movie also had some double penetration. I loved the way the girl looked with a dick in both holes. Full and satisfied. While watching it I fantasized what it would be like to have all my fuck hole filled. The thought of it is overwhelming. I’m not sure my body could take that much pleasure at once. This is something that will most likely always be a fictional fantasy and not something I ever do.

The 2nd movie I choose was a fmf threesome. I choose this one because I enjoy oral sex, as mentioned before. Having a dick to suck and a pussy to eat at the same time would be heaven. I’d love nothing more to be between her legs while she rides him reverse cowgirl, licking her clit and his dick, and sucking his balls.
After he shoots his load inside of her, I wish I was able to lick the cum from her wet pussy cleaning her up. Hopefully bringing her to another orgasm with my tongue.

The last movie I picked was boss/secretary type movie. I picked this one because something about being fucked in an office turns me on. To be on my knees under a desk, or just with my Sir’s dick in my mouth in an office. Knowing people are outside the closed door, or could be at any given moment. To have to bite my lip to keep myself quiet As he bends me over a desk and fucks me. To be used like the whore I am and sent back to work, with my sloppy pussy and/or ass leaking his cum down my legs because he forbids me wearing panties.

This assignment started last night and ended this morning. Though I’m not sure how “ended” it is considering I failed him. My pussy is wet and screaming for release. Today at work will be a constant reminder of the dirty whore I am. His whore.