As the plane began to descend she struggled to hide her nervousness.  She checked the time and went over the checklist in her head.  She wanted to be sure everything was perfect.  She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.  The time had come for her to meet her master.

When the plane touched down, along with the jolt of the plane, her heart skipped a beat.  Another deep breath, which brought with it his voice sounding though her mind.  His voice soothing her fears and calming her.  She began to smile.

She grabbed her small carry on and made her way out of the plane.  She only had a few personal effects with her, the rest he had instructed her not to bring.  She wouldn’t be needing much for clothing on this trip.  This made travel easier and she wouldn’t have to wait for checked luggage to be unloaded from the plane.   Once again she went through her mental checklist hoping she hadn’t forgotten anything; hoping to please him.

As she rounded the corner past the security gates she adjusted her clothing, pulling down her skirt, trying to hide herself from the crowd.   She was wearing a short skirt with no panties as he instructed, and she could feel the breeze on her pussy as she walked which made her constantly aware of her wetness and excitement.  She looked around for him and her nervousness kicked into overdrive again as she suddenly realized she didn’t know what was expected of her.  She always over thought things when under pressure.  Besides, how would she thank him for the time he put into her training.

Then she saw him, her eyes locked onto his and she smiled.  She looked away as she began to walk toward him.  Still unsure of herself but trying to look confident.  As she approached him she cast her eyes downward in submission, then laid her head on his shoulder.  His embrace warm and comforting, she knew she was where she belonged, in the arms of her master.

His hands began to slide down her back and  gripped her ass firmly, she let out a soft moan and blushed.  He quickly broke the embrace and gestured for her to walk.  She walked toward the exit with him closely behind her.  She could feel his eyes inspecting her, undressing her.  After he was done inspecting his property he took lead and led her into an emptier terminal.  She was once again nervous, but incredibly turned on as well.

He backed her into a corner, in this virtually deserted  terminal.  Only a few people around, but to her it felt like they were all staring at her. As if the could see her nakedness and knew her story.  He kissed her hard, pressing himself against her firmly, and wrapped his fist into her hair, pulling her head back slightly.  He kissed her neck and her knees became weak as she let out an audible moan. He whispered in her ear what a good slut she was  and firmly pinched her right nipple before turning away.

She stood in shock. Unsure of herself, her body betraying her mind.  She shook with nervousness and desire.  She wanted to feel his body against hers again, she wanted him now.  As he turned to look back at her she realized she was now standing in the corner alone and rushed to catch up with her master not caring that her skirt slipped up a bit higher with each hurried step.  He never slowed to wait for her, enjoying her brief moment of panic and watching her struggle to catch up, all while showing off the tops of her thighs, occasionally even getting glimpse of her freshly shaved pussy.

She continued to follow him out of the airport and into the parking garage.  The garage was nearly packed full and seemed dark even in the middle of the day.  He noticed she began to adjust her clothing again and scolded her.  She left her skirt as it was but now felt completely exposed and vulnerable.  She hoped they didn’t have far to walk.  Her cheeks blushed as she passed a young couple, the man seeming to undress her with his eyes and the woman looking at her with knowing eyes.  She felt like such a whore.

They finally arrived at his car, conveniently located at the far end of the garage.  He popped the trunk and instructed her to toss her bag into it.  As she did he stepped in close behind her, closing the trunk and pushing her down upon it almost in one swift movement, causing her skirt to slide up on her hips.  She was caught off guard and gasped loudly.  He once again wrapped his fist into her hair, pulling her head back and reminding her that she was his property and he  thought it was a good time to inspect her.  Reminding her that any sounds she made would only draw attention to her now completely exposed sex.

She tried to remain quiet as he ran his hands down her sides, continuing down her thighs.  But his touch felt amazing and she let out soft moans almost continuously.  His hands circled back up to her naked ass and squeezed hard, then gave a firm smack on each cheek, just to remind her he was the master.  He continued to play with her, inspecting every inch of her exposed bottom, slowly inspecting lower as he went.  She began to arch her back, pushing her ass toward him, hoping for some contact on her pussy.   He squeezed her ass one last time then slipped a hand between her legs, her squirming resembled more of a grind and this point, and anyone in the area would definitely hear her moaning.

His palm rubbed across her sex, gently, not giving her the release she was needing.  He stroked her lips softly spreading them and feeling the heat and wetness fully for the first time.  He slipped one finger in her slowly and she gasped, moaning loudly.  He removed it just as he inserted it, slowly.  In between her heavy breathing he heard her say “please”.