February 4, Cooperation.


I’ve only very recently started wearing lingerie.  I’ve had some tucked in the back of my closet for quite some time, but I just never have felt like it fit me right.  I felt silly in it.  Recently I’ve almost become obsessed with it.  I wear it for no reason other than it makes me feel sexy.  My biggest complaint is no where local sales lingerie that seem to fit large breasted women and when I order it online it never fits right.  So i seem to resort to tuck and pray they don’t fall out before I’m ready for them to.  (Maybe some of you with more experience in the lingerie area have suggestions?) With all that said, my favorite photo today almost became a blooper as a boob just wouldn’t quite do right.  I love my breast! They are fun, but dammit sometimes they just don’t cooperate.


Check out the rest of the participants challenging themselves to post an image every day in February!




  1. I have proportional issues with my shape also as I am very wide hipped but narrow and small up top so am always looking for separates in different sizes that work – nightmare!!

    I love this images and your boobage is wonderful!

    ~Mia~ xx

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