Good night.

Today has been a weird day for me. This is actually the second post I’ve typed, though the other one ended up being a little to personal and was filed away as private.

Today I’ve struggled. I don’t really know what I’ve struggled with or why. I have a lot of issues, and often I’m over emotional about them. It wasn’t a bad day, just not a day I that I felt like I was even a glimpse of a representative of my true self.

To struggle without a clear reason makes it hard to move past, often I need a good nights sleep and just a chance to start over fresh the next day. I guess everyone has the right to a bad day.

It’s days like today that the little things matter the most. Things that we don’t even realize matter most of the time, which are often the things we fail to appreciate.

Some times it’s the things we do every single day that we don’t really think even matter. This small caring gestures that become normalcy. Like the good morning, and good night text I get nearly everyday.

Today, one simple thing made my day. He told me good night.


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