9 rules, 9 ways.


Today my master formally assigned me rules. Most of them had been understood rules from the beginning but something about seeing them listed makes them more official.

There were nine of them. Nine rules to remind me that I belong to him. Nine rules that I was to write or type out and hang, prominently displayed for me to see often. I wrote them out, because that felt more personal to me. I made them colorful and pretty, or I thought so anyway.

The fun part came next. With the nine rules I was told to get nine toys, and after he picked out on for my bed, I was told to put the 8 others in different places around the house. I was to use each toy for 5 minutes and 5 minutes only, then movezb on to the next one. When I got to the last toy, the one he picked, I was allowed to cum but not before my 5 minutes was up.

I probably should’ve arranged the toys in a different order, but oh well, I made what I had work. The first toy was my biggest that I actually use located in my bathroom. I have trouble taking all of this toy without working myself up too it, so it was just kind of a tease for the first 5 minutes.

The second toy was a nipple pump, with rubber bands in my closet. This was a new toy, and I may have had too much fun with it, though I think it would take longer to get better results. It took me a bit to figure how it worked but I loved the feeling. But I generally enjoy my nipples being squeezed and pulled anyway.

The third toy was a g-spot vibe in my laundry room, though it needs batteries and I don’t really like it so I don’t use it much. The most interesting part of this was the cold tile floor, just a completely different sensation. I fucked myself with it for the 5 minutes and wasn’t really ready to stop when the timer went off.

The 4th toy was a clit stimulator/vibe on the kitchen cabinet. While vibration on my clit can easily and quickly bring me to an orgasm at any given time, the dirty feeling of being fucked on the kitchen cabinet really enhanced my arousal.

The 5th toy was where it really got interesting. It was a pink vibe, my favorite actually and it was on the kitchen table. I laid back across the kitchen table with my legs spread wide and fucked myself for the full 5 minutes. The way my house is designed anyone who came to the door could see me fucking myself on the kitchen table. Though no one came, I didn’t somewhat fantasize about being caught the whole time.

Next was the butt plug. Also a new toy that I bought with intentions of being able to wear it for longer times and maybe out in public. It was in my living room on top of a piece of furniture near the door. I probably got the least out of this 5 minutes as I didn’t have lube with it and I had to suck it and use my spit for lube. I did finally get it in, and fucked my ass with it a bit while bent over the furniture before the timer went off. I was disappointed that the timer went off so soon!

The 7th toy was a glass, candy came shaped dildo on the couch. The cold of the glass felt really good sliding in, and quickly warmed to body temperature. It felt good to get something back inside my sloppy wet pussy and this 5 minutes seemed to fly by.

The 8th toy was eggs in the living room floor facing the door. I’m not sure what they are actually called but they are intended to be inserted vaginally and can be worn for longer periods of time. Like the more common balls, but egg shaped. I slipped these in and laid back on the floor and spread my pussy and rubbed my clit. I found myself having to slow down a few times while doing this. I wanted to cum so bad and these 5 minutes seems to take for ever.

Then finally the last toy, a plain dido, in my bed and permission to cum. I laid back on the bed and pushed myself quickly to an edge and backed off just enough to keep myself there until I heard the timer. Several times I didn’t think I would make it but tried to avoid looking at the clock. As soon as I heard the timer I exploded with an intense much needed orgasm.

The whole time I fucked myself in various places around me house I thought of how it would feel to have my master fuck me in every room of the house. This made this task much more fun and exciting as I imaged him laying me across the table, or bending me over right in front of the door and fucking me.

Thank you Sir for providing me with such an arousing experience and allowing me to cum. You’re the bestest.



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